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—OBSCURE FOODS: Stringozzi pasta. Bolivian dried peaches. Moutarde Violette de Brive. Dried Persian lemons. Pinhead oats of Alford. Norwegian riber. Peruvian blue-corn lemonade. Turkish salep and boza (not so much).

—TIPPLES: Cask ale. Norwegian aquavit. Vieux Marc de Bourgogne. Weller Centennial Bourbon. Grappa barricata. Gran reserva rose Rioja.

—ARCHAIC INSTRUMENTS: Spinets, claviorgana and chalumeaux.

—ARCHAIC COMPOSERS: Arriaga, Schobert and the instrumental Bortnyansky.

—KILTS: Four-yard or eight? … and the ideal sporran.

—OBSCURE ARTISTS: Pierino da Vinci, Andrea Schiavone, Adolphe Monticelli, Medardo Rosso, Ossip Zadkine.